• Most products require pick-up at the farm, however delivery can often be arranged if required.
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  • If you would like to order anything, please contact us. We do not have online ordering at this time.
  • Starting this fall, you will have the option of getting your meat shipped to your home or to a terminal (Montreal, Toronto, Trenton).  Please contact us to get a price!
  • Prices may change at any time.



Grass fed Beef

Free-Range/Pastured Organic Eggs

Pastured Pork

Grass fed Lamb

Welsh Hill Lip Balm

Calendula & Beeswax Salve


Anna our newest heifer.

Grass fed Beef

Beef Cuts-IN STOCK

Contact us to see what cuts are available and get our current price list.

Ground Beef Box-IN STOCK


Boxes of lean ground beef are in stock right now. They vary slightly in size from 23-25 lbs.

1/8 Beef Box-IN STOCK


This year we are offering smaller orders for customers for single customers or those with no deep freezer. It will contain a variety of cuts including ground beef, stewing beef, steaks, bones and small roasts. Our ‘box-of-beef’ will actually be an 1/8 of an entire beef and will vary in size with approximately half roast/steaks and half ground/stew.  Boxes are 45-55 lbs.

1/4 Beef Box-IN STOCK

 $9.50/lb + $20 off your total!

Basically the same as the 1/8th Beef Box, but double the amount! This is a good size for a couple or a family that doesn’t eat much beef.

Beef Sides & Split-Sides

 Sides: $6.00/lb (Price includes cutting and wrapping and is based on hanging weight)

 Split-Sides: $6.10/lb (Price includes cutting and wrapping and is based on hanging weight)

Our grass fed beef can be purchased by the side or split side (1/4 of total meat). Customers are able to communicate with the butcher and choose how they would like their beef cut up. Beef sides and split sides are sold by hanging weight. Hanging weight is approximately 60% of live weight.  The amount of meat you take home is called dressed weight. The amount of dressed meat you get varies depending on how you get it butchered.  Deboning and grinding typically lower the dressed weight. Dressed weight is approximately 40% of live weight.  Sides average between 200-250lbs hanging. Taking orders now for fall pick-up.  $100 deposit required at time of order.

Pastured Pork

$6/lb (Price includes cutting and wrapping and is based on hanging weight)

Pasture raised, GMO-free pork is available by the whole or side. Customers are able to communicate with the butcher and choose how they would like their pork cut up. Pork is sold by hanging weight. The butcher can smoke your bacon/hams and make sausage at an additional charge. Taking orders now for fall pick-up. $50 deposit for a side and $100 for a whole.


Grass-fed Lamb

 $10/lb (Price includes cutting and wrapping and is based on hanging weight)

This is our first year offering grass-fed lamb from our own Katahdin sheep flock.  This is the preferred breed of sheep for customers that prefer a milder tasting meat. Lamb can be purchased by the whole or side.  Lambs will hang at 45-50 lbs.  Taking orders now for late fall/early winter pick-up. $50 deposit for a side and $100 for a whole.



Free-Range/Pastured Organic Eggs


Our laying hens are fed Certified Organic feed and also receive kitchen and garden scraps.  In the winter months, they are kept in a coop with access to outdoors.  As soon as the grass comes in the spring, they are moved around the farm in a mobile pen so that they have access to grass, herbs and bugs!  Eggs are only allowed to be sold at the farm-gate.  Customers can purchase 12 dozen in advance and come and get their eggs as they need them (please arrange pick-up times in advance) or can just call or e-mail the farm to see if we have any available and purchase them on the spot. The advantages of paying in advance are that we can make sure we set aside your eggs every week and that you don’t have to have cash on hand when you come to the farm.



Welsh Hill Lip Balm


3 for $10

We have 4 flavours of lip balm available. They feature our own completely pesticide-free beeswax and honey as well as other locally sourced (when we can) ingredients. They are handcrafted in small batches right in our own kitchen. 4.25 gram tube (normal lip balm tube).  Pick some up next time you are at the farm and soothe those sunburned or wind chapped lips!


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Calendula & Beeswax Salve


Our rustic Calendula & Beeswax Salve is handcrafted in our own farm kitchen.  Production starts in the herb garden where we use plenty of organic compost to produce the three cultivars of calendula contained in our recipe. Each bloom is hand harvested and hung to dry in the kitchen.  It is then infused in a combination of avocado, sweet almond and extra virgin olive oil. This exquisite yellow tinted oil is combined with our own organic beeswax and a hint of essential oils.  We use it for dry and chapped hands as well as minor burns, cuts and irritations. The generous size of our jar (over 4 times the average size of 30 ml) means you have plenty to share with the entire family!

Ingredients-Calendula infused oil (organic calendula officinalis, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, organic extra virgin olive oil), organic Welsh Hill beeswax,  essential oils of geranium, lavender, tea tree and frankincense

125 ml glass jar

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